How we work

We know better than anyone how difficult it can sometimes be to match good professional staff with the rest of your team. Europe@Work is specialized in supplying good and driven technical personnel to the Dutch manufacturing industry. How do we do this?

First of all, we will talk to you. What challenges does your company face? What are you looking for and what requirements and qualities must your staff meet? Based on this information, we create an appropriate profile.Together with local recruitment agencies from Poland and Hungary, we regularly organize practical test days to make the right pre-selection for you. So we select not only on CV but also on skills. As a result, we have built up a wide network of enthusiastic and motivated people.

This distinctive working method and our knowledge of the industry enable us to bring out the best in people and organizations. Your business can only grow with the right people and we are happy to be a part of your success.

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    Getting to know each other
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    Drawing up a profile
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    Review on CV
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    Recruitment through test days
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    Propose a candidate
Recruitment and selection: The power is easily found

Are you looking for qualified technical personnel but you don’t have time to search? Europe@Work is happy to help you with this search and has an extensive network to find the right match for you. This way you can focus on what you prefer to do and that is doing business.

Europe@Work selects suitable candidates for a (permanent) job or temporary work in line with the strategy and objectives of your company. We are happy to help you carefully go through the recruitment and selection procedure. This increases the chance that your vacancy (s) will be filled by competent and dedicated employee (s).

Thanks to our screening procedure, we can quickly introduce the suitable candidates to you. Is there a reciprocal click? Then you can hire the candidate directly.

Payroll: Great convenience, lower costs

Do you want to be able to focus on entrepreneurship again instead of the administrative tasks surrounding the employer? Europe@Work hires your staff on paper and thus becomes a legal employer. In short, we take care of the administrative tasks for you.

You as the client continue to determine the important core matters yourself, such as hiring new employees, the level of salary, conducting performance and appraisal interviews and other matters that are important for the internal course of the company and for the employees. . This way you remain optimally involved with your company.

With our payroll services you can be sure that all the necessary knowledge is available. Europe@Work is well aware of current human rights laws and regulations.

Payroll Services: The benefits

  • You know in advance what your personnel costs will be
  • Little or no red tape around personnel matters
  • Make use of our knowledge in the field of regulations and legislation regarding your personnel matters
  • Keep your financial administration clear
Temporary employment: Efficiently deployable personnel

Europe@Work has an extensive network of temporary workers. We select our talents on motivation, skills and ambition. We are very involved with our staff and work with a permanent team that we are sure will be a valuable addition to your organization.

Broadcasting via Europe@Work means: flexibility, efficiently deployable staff, quality and service. With our years of practical experience in temporary employment, we offer motivated temporary workers who are strong in technical craftsmanship.