NEN 4400-1 certification

Europe@Work follows the SNA quality assurance certification in which the requirements are met for the NEN 4400-1 standard according to the SNA handbook. This standard is meant for companies established in the Netherlands, who provide and/or facilitate employment. The SNA-quality assurance certification has been developed to limit risk for labor hirers and contractors. Based on the current legislation, these parties are at risk to be held liable for commitments that are not met by the staffing agency or (sub) contractors. Europe@Work is periodically checked on complying with the obligations arrived by the labor, which limits the risk for hirers and contractors. For more information: www.normeringarbeid.nl


VCU certification

VCU (Safety and Health Checklist Staffing Agencies) is a system created by VCA standards and is also based on these. It includes an all-round and complete program in which service providers can be monitored objectively and structurally and get tested and certified on their SHE-management system (SHE is Safety, Health and Environment). VCU is a certification procedure for the SH-management system (SH is Safety and Health), specially for staffing organizations.
In contrary of VCA, VCU focusses only on safety and health, not on environment. VCU-certification is especially meant for staffing agencies, exposing / drafting personnel to VCA-certified companies that carry out high risk tasks or working in a high risk environment like factories, installations, workshops and big project locations. These are the same activities for companies with a VCA-certificate. Every Europe@Work agency worker receives instructions on what to do and what PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) will be available before they even get to work. For more information: www.vca.nl


NBBU certification

Europe@Work is associated with branch organization NBBU. NBBU, (de Nederlandse Bond van Bemiddelings- en Uitzendondernemingen) the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organizations and Staffing Agencies, is the sector organization for staffing agencies. It represents the interests of staffing agencies that particularly specialize in the small and medium business organizations. A NBBU-employment agency knows its local market like no-one else and meets the highest quality standards.
This is also the market Europe@Work is focussing upon and enjoys working in. The NBBU membership is a positive development for the agency worker as well as it is for the client. For more information: www.nbbu.nl